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Blog Post #5 Part B

At the beginning of this semester I had a little experience and knowledge with PLN's. In class I took at my previous school I used one at it was very helpful in my performance in the course. Now, while taking this course, I have a greater knowledge of PLN's. Not only on how to use them, but different examples of them as well. For example before taking this class I had no idea that Twitter classified as a PLN. One of things that I really enjoy about using PLN's is how it is able to connect me with my class mates and teachers. I am able to not only help myself but also help out my fellow class mates when it comes to solving a problem or helping out with an assignment. I am also able to ask my teachers questions at a moments notice.

Blog Post #14

Teaching can be a Profession by Joel Klein- This is an article that was written by Joel Klein who was in charge of running New York's public school system for eight years. In his article he points out several issues with future educators and what his solutions are.

Mr. Klein's first issue is the training that those in the education field receive. He states in his article that "23 cannot boast a single (teacher education) program that provides solid math preparation resembling the practices of high-performing nations." He feels that those in the education program need to be better educated themselves before they are allowed to educate.

I agree with Mr. Klein's point that we students in the education field are not getting all the proper training we need to become the best of teachers. I do feel that it is far better than it was say even five years ago. With there being more diverse education courses, and course such as this one that help integrate technology into teaching. But there are often times in a few of my course that I feel that we as a class and even students are going through the motions. If we continue this then we can never become the educators we need to be.

His second argument is how teachers are chosen or hired. He feels that they hire anyone with an education degree. His article suggest that schools hire teachers from those who are in the top one third of their graduating class.

I'm sort of at a half and half with this argument. While I do believe that teachers need to be hired more carefully. I don't believe that they should strictly be chosen just from being in the top one third of their class. I say this because I don't feel that great teachers are great solely based on their class rank or their knowledge. While I feel a teacher must be very well educated in order to teach, I also feel that teachers need to be great with people too. Just because someone has a higher GPA or class rank doesn't mean that they can commutate or even inspire others. Teachers in the elementary to high school level see their students five days a week. Sure one can just smash knowledge in their heads but that doesn't mean that they will genuinely educate their students.

His final argument is on how teachers are rewarded. He says it is based on seniority but should be based on performance.

I completely agree with this. Having had both "experienced" but poor teachers and young but great teachers I honestly couldn't agree with this more. It is very sad to hear that teachers receive more pay more benefits etc. just because they have they have been their a certain number of years. While a teacher who has only been their a few years and has excellent student success is not awarded the
Overall I thought that Klein brought up and made many great issues as well as solutions. We cannot fix the problems that we have with student education without fixing the problems that we have with those who are teaching first. These problems must be addressed as soon as possible.

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Project #16 Part A

Technology and Teaching

Technology is always changing, transforming and improving. We believe that technology in the classroom is key for success in getting students ready for college and a career. The earlier we start teaching them technology and working with it consistently, the better. When the students reach college and career level they will need to know technology skills to keep up. The main issue right now is that most schools are unable to provide students with the necessary technology tools. If schools were equipped to aid in technology and teaching, it would revolutionize the way students learn and communicate.

tech n teach.jpg

Group Blog--Team Panther--Using Technology and the Smart board in the Classroom

As a team we discussed how using technology in the classroom has come a long way.  No longer is there just a chalkboard and  notebooks and pencils.  Technology has moved into the classroom. Technology has entered the classroom in two outstanding forms such as smart boards and computers device with all the capabilities that go along with them. With the smart board, an oral presentation now can have visual material to go along with the lecture. The smart board still has the capabilities of a chalkboard but it gives the student and teacher options of pictures and shapes and even sound to go along with their written material. The computer device in a classroom also changes the dynamics of how learning can be achieved. With the computers devices the students can go to the internet and explore material that their teacher has assigned to them. The internet not only has written material, but the students may also be able to see pictures or even videos on the assigned material for their class.


A smart board and computer devices in the classroom has definitely changed the way we perform teaching, but using project based approach to learning is one of the main reasons this technology works so effectively in the classroom. Project based learning approach can be the format to which teachers guide their class through the assignments that she would have given them. The project base learning approach has many benefits.  It can be used by individual students, small groups or even by the entire class. There is no limitation on the degree to which a student can engage in the topic because the internet has a vast amount of information on the subject and related topics given to any assignment. Project base learning has moved the class from pencil and paper to the internet. The class is no longer limited to just the knowledge of the teacher but to the unlimited vast material on the internet concerning the assigned topic. The teacher, as well as the students then both become learners of the given assignment. Technology and project base learning have started an ever changing transformation in the classroom. The only sure thing about technology and project base learning is it will continually be changing the way our students will find new ways to learn.

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Blog Post #13

Since I am a secondary education major in the field of social sciences I will be creating my own blog post assignment that is in the field of history. More specifically American History. I this assignment I will post links that contains  articles about the four major leaders during World War II. This are Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin. Each student is to write a summary of the  article about these four individuals on what they have learned. Then each student will write a summary on which one of these four men they found to be the most fascinating to research and learn about and explain why.

Franklin Roosevelt: The students are required to read the article, but may watch the videos if the y so choose.

Winston Churchill War Leader:

Adolf Hitler:

Joseph Stalin:

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Me and My Dad
In this post Jeff Utecht shares a special memory with his dad. He tells those who are viewing the blog about the time he and his dad went to the Mariners practice during spring camp for baseball. He talks about how the pitchers are doing an exercise called Pitch Fielding Practice (PFP) and how as a child that this routine seemed pointless. He then tells how the Rookie Nelson Cruz hit a ball 400ft, and continued to do so two more times. But the real point of his post was to spread awareness for a disease in the brain called Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) which effects a persons speech patterns and executive functioning. He shares this with us because his dad is one of the people that suffers from this. He goes on to say that while being at the spring practice with his dad was one of his greatest memories, it is also one of his most difficult. His dad, who has a clear memory of the dad, could not show or  struggled to show any sort of emotional reaction. Jeff was torn about this because there was so much that he wanted to discus and share with his dad about the Mariners spring practice but he simply could not due to his fathers condition. Though he is distraught about his dad's condition he knows that he still has that memory.

My Comment:

Hi I am Patrick Roane and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile where I am currently studying secondary education in hopes to be a history teacher one day. I have been assigned post from different teachers throughout the semester, but I have to say that this is my favorite one. Like you I am extremely close to my dad. He’s the one guy I can talk to about anything, whether it’s good or bad or even if I just need advice. Also like you and your dad when it comes to both your common interest in the Mariners my dad and I have the same connection when it comes to Auburn Football. We go to home games, spring games, even practices. It’s one of the many common interest we have and it really brings us closer together each year. I am also truly sorry about your dads condition of Frontotemporal Dementia. I had no idea that this was even a condition that people can get and once again I am truly sorry for that. I also would like to say that I enjoyed to the memory you shared about you and your dad practicing for baseball. It brought back some memories of my own with my dad while reading about yours. I hope that my relationship with dad continues to grow and has the same strength that you clearly have with yours

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Project #6 C4K #8#-#10


Post #1:

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Volleyball is often thought of as a boring sport, that requires little effort and skill. Those people are absolutely wrong on multiple levels because Volleyball is  actually an extremely competitive sport. You have to not only hit the ball precisely at the right time but also hit the ball in exactly the right way, while communicating  with your team members. Not only that but, you have to remember your positions and rotations or you get penalized. As for not being aggressive,  there is a reason why the players wear knee pads. Coaches will often punish players with running or push ups if they don’t make an enormous aggressive effort to get the ball. Volleyball has three main steps, bump (pass), set,and spike, explicitly in that order. Each require a lot of skill and correct positioning because even if one player moves out of position or rotates the wrong way the players will run into each other. Even thought it takes effort and practice, volleyball is one of the best sports ever.

My Comment:
March 31, 2015 at 11:25 AM Brenna,
I am Patrick Roane and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. I completely agree with everything you have said in this post. While I have not played volleyball in an organized environment such as high school. I have played volleyball for fun and I must say that it is a difficult sport to excel at. While playing I found myself hitting the ball all over the place and I was also moving around and diving a lot. I am glad that you posted about this and hopefully after reading this post others will see how difficult this sport can be.

Post #2:

Charlotte and Ebony's School Slideshow

In this post the students Charlotte and Ebony present us a slideshow of their school which consist of their playground, classroom, and offices.

My Comment:
I am Patrick Roane and I am a student the University of South Alabama in Mobile. I found this to quite interesting and really enjoyed the slide show of your school.
Post #3:

Rabbit salad
Snake soup with brain sauce
Steak with teeth
Blood with a table spoon of lava
Ice cream guts
Eat up William!!!!!!!!
This is the menu that Hailey has written for William. I don't know about anyone else but this seems a little too exquisite for me.

My Comment:
I am Patrick Roane and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the EDM 310 class. I found this post to be quite enjoyable to read. It’s nice to see that you have some different ideas for the food industry. Also I don’t about William, but that rabbit soup sounds delicious!